Lynsey Pearson Family Life Photographer

As a mum of two, I know that family life can be a bit crazy sometimes! One minute your children are driving you to distraction, the next minute they are melting your heart with some adorable act.

There are definitely phases you’re glad to see the back of, but you want to remember the happy times forever. We are so lucky to be able to look back and relive everything through our family pictures.

I also know that as mums, we are usually the ones holding the cameras and we are hardly ever in the pictures. And even though we sometimes prefer to be behind the camera (whether it’s because we haven’t lost our baby bellies, or because we’re just camera shy!), it’s important for our children to have pictures of us with them. Our children won’t see any of our insecurities; all they will see is how much we love them!

A Family Life Session is a chance to take an hour out only to laugh, play and have fun together. Everything else can wait.

As a quiet observer, I specialise in unobtrusively capturing families in their own homes. In my opinion, there is no better backdrop for pictures of your loved ones than the house you’ve worked so hard to make a home.

We were quite nervous at first but Lynsey put us at ease and I think the tone of the photos reflect this. It was great to be in our own home as we weren’t keen to have formal photos in a studio.
Natalie Cairns, Jedburgh, Scottish Borders

I believe every loving family is perfect just the way it is. If you show me who you are, and how you make each other laugh and smile, I will capture pictures of you that will fill you with joy!

Lynsey subtly captured all the action, from children’s cheeky grins, to knowing smiles between older siblings and poignant moments of reflection among our family members, some we saw and some we would have otherwise missed, so it is fabulous to have them as committed memories.
Marcia Rankin-Smith, West Saltoun, East Lothian

I know how valuable your time is. After your session, I provide a timely, hassle-free service. You can leave everything to me. Trust me to create a stunning storytelling book, overflowing with pictures of your loved ones that will fill you with pride and happiness. The Family Life Album is destined to become a treasured family heirloom that you will be desperately excited to show off to your family and friends.


Thank you so much for the album. We were blown away. It’s just perfect and so fabulous to treasure.
Natalie Cairns, Jedburgh, Scottish Borders

I love Lynsey’s trademark, black and white, reportage style, it was exactly what we were after, and now our walls are much improved by many of her framed shots.

I would highly recommend Lynsey, she provides a stylish and unforgettable service.
Marcia Rankin-Smith, West Saltoun, East Lothian

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