Scottish Borders Family Photography – The Best is Yet to Come

She stands still for a moment, taking a break from zooming around the room, and driving her Little Tikes car up and down the hall. She looks thoughtfully at her mummy and her new baby sister. She’s still wondering what this is all about.

Family life photography at home with newborn in Jedburgh Scottish Borders photography session

It’s still such early days; there are still ‘New Baby’ cards all around the room, and baby’s picture isn’t even on the wall yet. It won’t be long though before these two girls are inseparable best friends.

Those first weeks at home with a new baby are special but crazy. With your first baby, you have to adjust to being needed all the time. With your second baby, you’re ready for all that, but you’re wondering if you did the right thing (it’s a bit late for that!) and wondering what possessed you to have another one!! Or was that just me?!

I love watching my kids laughing and playing together. I admit, things are not always lovely between them, but I’ll just gloss over all the fighting, and the fact that I’ve added ‘refereeing’ to my ever-increasing list of life skills… but most of the time they are best friends and they just love each other!

This picture brings back memories of those early weeks with my two babies. Before they got to know each other, before they knew how much they would love each other, before I knew how magical it would all be. I thought my heart had melted enough with my firstborn, but the best was still ahead of me. This lucky family has all that fun, chaos and love to come!

The Cairns Family were delighted with their Family Life Session and their album. See what they had to say on my Testimonials page.

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