Scottish Borders Family Photography – Parents Get in the Picture!

Before I became a family photographer, I was a children’s photographer. Parents would hide from me, desperately not wanting to be in the pictures, and as cute and fun as kids are, I realised that all the best stuff was going on behind the camera, when the parents were interacting with their families! Obvious really!

Families know how to bring out the best in each other. Cheeky dads know how to make mums laugh:

Scottish Borders mum and dad laughing in field

Mums can’t help but beam with pride at their children:

Mother and daughter play together in Greenlaw Scottish Borders family photography session

And then there are those beautiful moments of calm, where everything is just perfect:

Mum and dad with newborn in Jedburgh Scottish Borders family photography session

As parents, we’re always the ones taking the pictures of our kids, but sometimes we need to get in the pictures too! That way, our kids will have wonderful pictures to look at forever, and wonderful memories to go with them! Forget your insecurities and camera shyness; your kids love you just the way you are!

If you’d like to get in the pictures with your kids, in the comfort of your own home, please get in touch!